Next Project

Alright the voting is almost over for the TIGSource Versus Competition. I think it ends Sunday or something. I don’t think I will do very well in the results but it doesn’t bother me. Lots of great games were made and that’s what it’s about. It provided me with enough motivation to actually finish a project which is a rare occurrence for me, so that’s a plus. Anyway a couple days after the competition voting started I came up with this idea for a stealth game based around the concept of you planning the heist rather than actually executing it. I have since changed the idea so that you can take control of your character directly. Heist movies have always had a spot in my heart but it is the planning of it that I really enjoy. Think about Ocean’s Eleven and how cool it was when you find out they dress as the S.W.A.T. team and Andy Garcia let’s them walk out the door with cash exactly how Brad Pitt told him it would happen. Or in the Italian Job (the new one) how they blow the boat and truck through the ground to steal the stuff. Those are the kind of moment I will hopefully let you create in this game. That is my goal and with a little luck and hard work. I have a development log over at TIGSource and I will post updates both here and there.

Goodbye for now.

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