The Other Senses and a New Game Idea

Whenever I read about new games and technology it always claims to add immersion. A lot of first person shooter games advertise as being “the most immersive experience” and they are all basically the same when it comes to immersion. New 3D games such as Killzone 3 and games for Nintendo’s 3DS all say that 3D is the next step to complete immersion but I think they are wrong. Video games, for me anyway, are much more immersive to me than movies for example because you have a direct impact one what is going on. You could say that uses your sense of touch, although this can be taken a step further which I will talk about in moment. Now music uses only one of your five senses: hearing. Movies use sight and hearing and games use sight, and touch. The way I see it the only way to get more immersed is to use the other senses for stuff related to the game. Lets say for example that you are playing a survival horror game and you walk into a room and you can smell the blood. In a standard game you sense of smell and taste are not used at all in the game and instead you smell scents from your house, breaking the immersion. I’m not a scientist or an engineer so I don’t know how you could produce smells that are related to the game but I think putting research into to that rather than 3D technology is a worthwhile endeavor. Taste is a little harder to do because you’re generally not tasting things on a regular basis but touch is another sense that isn’t really used. If you are playing an FPS it would be cool if your controller got cold and felt like steel but again I’m not scientist so I don’t know if or how this could be possible but I think ignoring the other senses is a bad idea. A problem with this idea is that some games aren’t about immersion like party games but you would have the ability to disable it for those games.

Anyway enough of my ramblings I have a neat idea for game and I am starting to develop it. Basically it is a heist game with the interface of a video editing program. That is all I’m gonna say for now.

So long until the next post.

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