Hello World

This is going to be my blog where I post news about stuff that I am doing. It will be mostly related to my hobby; designing video games. At this time I am working on finishing my TIGSource Versus Competition entry called Rebound.a screenshot of Rebound

It’s kind of like chess with lasers but not really. It’s my first entry into a TIGSource Competition and also my first foray into online programming. I am making the game in Game Maker using the Faucet Networking Extension by the guys that made Gang Garrison. It has been wonderful to use and has been really fun. As we get closer to the deadline I am trying to balance working on the game and working on school work. I have a little bit less than a week left and I just have to tweak a couple things programming wise and create music and sound effects and add that. The whole competition has been a really good experience and has given me the motivation that I need to complete a game. I have two other games released my first one being Eco-Chrome which took me a lot longer than it should have but it was released on April fools day in 2009 I think. My next game, Contrast, was made in a week for GameJolt’s minimal competition and didn’t win. Those are the only two games that I have completed and Rebound will be the third. Usually what ends up happening is I have a great idea and never find the perseverance to see it through. I am quite close to finishing a roguelike that originally started for Yoyogames PSP contest but I didn’t finish it in time. There are a few more things I need to do and then add sound and music and it will be finished as well. Well thats the history of me as a game designer. I started this blog not really for other people but I kind of like having a journal type thing to document progress and other stuff. Posts will be probably be fairly short and often. I also started this blog to improve my writing which is easily on of my weakest characteristics. Good day.

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